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In This Topic
    DropMode Property (C1FlexGridBase)
    In This Topic
    Gets or sets a value that determines if the control can accept data that the user drags onto it.
    Public Property DropMode As DropModeEnum
    public DropModeEnum DropMode {get; set;}

    This property allows you to use the control as a target for OLE drag-drop operations.

    If set to DropModeEnum.None (the default value), the control does not act as a drop target.

    If set to DropModeEnum.Manual, the control fires the standard drag-drop events and the programmer is responsible for handling them. The main events involved are System.Windows.Forms.Control.DragOver and System.Windows.Forms.Control.DragDrop. These events are provided by the standard System.Windows.Forms.Control object.

    If set to DropModeEnum.Automatic, the control handles the System.Windows.Forms.Control.DragOver and System.Windows.Forms.Control.DragDrop events automatically by performing the following actions:

    1) Query the data object for data in text or filename formats.

    2) Scroll if the user drags an object near the edges of the control.

    3) Paste the contents of the data object when the user drops valid data on the control.

    Note: This property replaces and extends the AllowDrop property provided by the base System.Windows.Forms.Control object.

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