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Row index.
Column index.

In This Topic
    GetData(Int32,Int32) Method
    In This Topic
    Gets the value of a grid cell.
    Public Overloads Overridable Function GetData( _
       ByVal row As Integer, _
       ByVal col As Integer _
    ) As Object
    public virtual object GetData( 
       int row,
       int col


    Row index.
    Column index.

    Return Value

    The value of the cell.

    The GetData(Int32,Int32) method returns the raw data stored in a specific grid cell. It is equivalent to using the grid's indexer. For example:

    object foo = flex.GetData(1, 1); object bar = flex[1, 1]; // same thing

    The data displayed on the grid might be different from the raw data, depending on the setting of the RowCol.Format and RowCol.DataMap properties. To obtain the display value (which is always a string), use the GetDataDisplay(Int32,Int32) method instead.

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