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C1.Win.FlexGrid Namespace / IC1EmbeddedEditor Interface / C1EditorKeyDownFinishEdit Method
Key to be tested.

In This Topic
    C1EditorKeyDownFinishEdit Method (IC1EmbeddedEditor)
    In This Topic
    Gets a value that determines whether a given key should finalize editing.
    Function C1EditorKeyDownFinishEdit( _
       ByVal e As KeyEventArgs _
    ) As Boolean
    bool C1EditorKeyDownFinishEdit( 
       KeyEventArgs e


    Key to be tested.

    Return Value

    True if the key should finish the edits and close the editor.

    If this method returns true, the grid copies the editor value to the cell and exits edit mode. The key is then processed by the grid (unless the e.Handled parameter is set to true).

    For example, pressing the down arrow typically causes the grid to exit edit mode and move the cursor to the next row.

    The default handler returns true for the TAB, ENTER, and ESC keys. It also handles the arrow keys for editors based on TextBox, ComboBox, and DateTimePicker controls.

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