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    FlexGrid for WinForms Tutorials
    In This Topic

    The following sections contain tutorials that illustrate some of the main features in the C1FlexGrid control. The tutorials walk you through the creation of several simple projects, describing each step in detail. The distribution CD contains more sophisticated samples that can be used as a reference.

    The tutorials are:

    Tutorial Description
    Edit Tutorial Starting with a basic data-entry grid, this tutorial shows how to implement data formatting, check boxes, drop-down lists, input masks, data validation, and clipboard support.
    Outline Tutorial Shows how you can use the C1FlexGrid as an outliner to display structured (or hierarchical) data.
    Data Analysis Tutorial Starting with a grid containing sales data for different products, regions, and salespeople, this tutorial show how to implement dynamic layout (column order), automatic sorting, cell merging, automatic subtotals, and outlining.
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