ComponentOne FlexPivot for WinForms
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    Adding Data to FlexPivot Application
    In This Topic

    FlexPivot comes with three options to add data as mentioned below.

    Using C1DataEngine

    Using the C1DataEngine is the most effective way to add data to FlexPivot controls. The data engine is not a database or server but a low-footprint C# component that can be easily integrated into FlexPivot applications. The engine stores data in memory-mapped files, which gets fetched instantly without any delay in importing these files. The C1DataEngine does not put any restriction on the size of the dataset that you wish to analyze or display, and that too without compromising the performance. To know more about using FlexPivot with C1DataEngine, see Using FlexPivot Controls with C1DataEngine topic.

    Using Data Source

    FlexPivot controls support binding with data sources to display and analyze data in multiple ways. To know more about using data sources with FlexPivot controls, see Using FlexPivot Controls with Data Source topic.

    Using Cube

    FlexPivot includes cube support that enables users in slicing and dicing the cube in several ways. You can connect to online cubes, or to Analysis Services, Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS), and SQL Server 2008, 2012, etc for extracting valuable information. For more information on cube support, see FlexPivot Cube topic.