ComponentOne FlexPivot for WinForms
C1.PivotEngine Assembly / C1.PivotEngine Namespace / PivotField Class / Range Property

In This Topic
    Range Property (PivotField)
    In This Topic
    Provides the RangeInfo used to group values by a criteria.
    Public ReadOnly Property Range As RangeInfo
    public RangeInfo Range {get;}
    Groups the "OrderDate" column by fiscal year that begins in April.
    // Fiscal year
    Engine.Fields["OrderDate"].Range.RangeType = RangeType.FiscalYear;
    Engine.Fields["OrderDate"].Format = "\"FY\" yyyy";
    Engine.Fields["OrderDate"].Caption = "Fiscal Year";
    Engine.Fields["OrderDate"].Range.FiscalYearFirstMonth = FirstMonthOfFiscalYear;
    Engine.Fields["OrderDate"].Range.FiscalYearShift = 0;
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