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    What is FlexPivot
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    In most of the real-world business scenarios, organizing large datasets into smaller, comprehensible formats and extracting valuable information and insights from them remain a common concern. Although a variety of powerful business intelligence tools exists, end users still prefer tools that combine high-performance with smaller footprint to offer faster data analysis and summarization capabilities.

    FlexPivot is designed to offer high-end business intelligence capabilities and optimized data analysis to end users. FlexPivot controls offer superior analytical processing features. FlexPivot is powered by a platform-independent data engine that performs data analytics locally in the application, without locking into another data analysis tool.

    FlexPivot controls also deliver simple, code-free data analysis as it creates dynamic summarized views merely by dragging data fields into respective lists available on its User Interface. In addition, the C1FlexPivot class library provides well-defined extensions and API to fetch complex data through code so that end users can analyze and summarize the data in creative ways.

    FlexPivot also supports multi-dimensional data analysis through simple drag-and-drop operations. You can create interactive grids, charts and reports that can be saved, exported, shared and printed in various file formats (such as XLS, PDF and XLSX) to cater diverse business needs. FlexPivot also offers the capability to connect with online or local cubes so that users can easily slice and dice the cube data.

    Enhanced Data Engine

    The C1DataEngine, the core component that powers FlexPivot, is a C# component with low footprint. This data engine stores data in memory-mapped files using column-oriented technology that helps deliver higher processing speeds of up to millions of records in a fraction of a second. The C1DataEngine can also be used separately, independent of FlexPivot controls for data analysis and visualization as described in Using C1DataEngine section.  

    The data engine fully supports all the features on a 64-bit OS machine.