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FlexPivot Architecture / FlexPivotChart
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    In This Topic

    FlexPivotChart helps to visually represent the data fetched from the data source in the form of Pivot Charts. The FlexPivotChart control integrates the features of the lightweight and fast FlexChart control in FlexPivot to render high-quality charts.


    FlexPivotChart provides 16 pre-defined color palettes to choose from, so that the user can display charts matching the UI of their business applications.You can apply these palettes to FlexPivotChart using the Palette property, which accepts the values from Palette enumeration of C1.Chart namespace. This property is set to Standard by default. You can also create a custom palette using the existing color palettes.

    ' Use Palette property
    FlexPivotPage1.FlexPivotChart.Palette = C1.Chart.Palette.Modern
    // Use Palette property
    flexPivotPage1.FlexPivotChart.Palette = C1.Chart.Palette.Modern;

    The FlexPivotChart class provides the UseAxisScrollbar property to set scrollbar on the x-axis or y-axis when the number of labels is large. The scrolling feature has been adapted from the FlexChart control and is useful while plotting and analyzing huge chunks of data. It lets the end-user focus on selected range of values in detail. Two scroll buttons are provided on either ends of the scrollbar to scroll through the selected range.

    ' Use axis scrollbar when the number of labels is large
    FlexPivotPage1.FlexPivotChart.UseAxisScrollbar = True
    // Use axis scrollbar when the number of labels is large
    flexPivotPage1.FlexPivotChart.UseAxisScrollbar = true;