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FlexPivot Architecture / FlexPivotPage
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    FlexPivotPage is designed for quick and easy development of FlexPivot applications. The FlexPivotPage control provides a comprehensive user interface (UI) for FlexPivot applications. FlexPivotPage contains C1FlexPivotPanel on the left and a tabbed area on the right. The C1FlexPivotPanel control allows users to select and customize data fields. The tabbed region contains tabs such a Grid, Chart and Raw Data to display data in different forms. The FlexPivotPage control also provides a tool strip with commonly used commands.


    The FlexPivotPage object model exposes the integrated controls for the developers to easily customize them by adding or removing the interface elements as per their requirements. Developers can also use the source code of the control for extensive customization and implement them according to the specifications of their application.architecture_of_flexpivotpage