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    FlexPivotSlicer Overview
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    A Slicer is an excellent visual tool for your dashboard to easily filter data in a Pivot. The FlexPivot control is already incorporated with filtering capability, where filters can be applied on the fields. But this conventional filtering feature does not provide any hint about the values that are shown or hidden in the filtered FlexPivotGrid or FlexPivotChart. The FlexPivotSlicer control makes it easy to comprehend what is being displayed exactly in the FlexPivotGrid and FlexPivotChart controls in the current filtering state.

    A single FlexPivotSlicer helps you to filter the pivot data by a single field. So, adding many such FlexPivotSlicers to an application can enhance the slicing capability, empowering the user to filter the pivot data by multiple fields.

    FlexPivot Slicer

    All the dependent assemblies that should be added to your project in order to work with the FlexPivotSlicer control are listed below:

    Note: FlexPivotSlicer is not supported in .NET 5 yet. It will be available in the future releases.
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