ComponentOne FlexPivot for WinForms
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    FlexPivot for WinForms Overview
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    ComponentOne Studio introduces FlexPivot for WinForms, a powerful data analysis product designed and developed to cater high-end business intelligence needs. Being a data summarization product, FlexPivot enables end users in breaking heavy and complex database into smaller, modular data chunks presented in multiple formats including grids, charts and reports.


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    Display KPI in OLAP Cube

    Note: ComponentOne FlexPivot for WinForms is compatible with both .NET 4.5.2 and .NET 5. But, the WinForms .NET 5 Edition does not include rich design-time support yet. We will enhance it in future releases.
    API References
    C1.Win.FlexPivot.4.5.2 Assembly C1.Win.FlexPivot.5 Assembly