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    Adding Conditional Formatting
    In This Topic

    This topic uses "Conditional Formatting" report to demonstrate how to change a field's appearance depending on the data it represents. This can be done using parameters.

    Conditional formatting allows you to format data based on one or more conditions. In this report, the data fields are highlighted depending on the following conditions which are defined in a parameter named pCondition:

    The report contains another parameter, pHighlightColor, that highlights the data fields depending on the conditions defined in the pCondition parameter.

    On previewing the report, the data fields with the unit price greater than 50 are highlighted in red color. However, you can select any other condition from the above listed conditions and also change the highlighting color to green from the Parameters Panel. Perform the following steps to see how this can be done.

    To create a report with conditional formatting

    Step 1: Create a report

    1. Open the C1FlexReportDesigner and go to FILE|New.
    2. Click New Report drop down from the Reports tab and select Empty Report to create a report.
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    Step 2: Connect the report to a data source

    1. Switch to the Data tab, right-click the Main data source and choose Edit to open and the Data Sources Wizard and start editing.
    2. Select OLEDB Data Provider from the Data provider drop-down and click the ellipsis button next to the Connection string textbox to select the C1NWind.mdb file.
    3. Select Products table from the Data source tab.
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    Step 3: Add parameters

    1. Right-click Parameters and select Add Parameters to add two parameters, pCondition and pHighlightColor.
    2. Set the following properties for the parameters from the Properties window.
      pCondition properties Value
      Prompt Condition
      Value 1
      DataType Integer

      pHighlightColor properties Value
      Prompt Color
      Value Red
      DataType String

    3. Specify the properties for each parameters in AllowedValuesDefinition property as follows. The following values set alternate color to the row.

      pCondition Labels Values
      Unit price greater than 50 CInt(1)
      Unit price greater than 100 CInt(2)
      More than 50 units in stock CInt(3)

      pHighlightColor Labels Values
      Red Red
      Green Green

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    Step 4: Add conditional formatting

    1. Add four TextFields to the report header and set the following properties:
      Property Value
      TextField1.Text =pCondition.Prompt & ":"
      TextField2.Text =pHighlightColor.Prompt & ":"
      TextField3.Text =pCondition.DisplayText
      TextField4.Text =pHighlightColor.DisplayText

    2. Click Groups in Home tab and add a group named HeaderGroup.
    3. In the Groups wizard, set the following properties for HeaderGroup:
      Property Value
      ShowGroupFooter True
      ShowGroupHeader True

    4. Click OK to close the Groups wizard.
    5. In HeaderGroup_Header, add five TextFields and set the following properties.
      Property Value
      TextField5.Text Product Name
      TextField6.Text Quantity Per Unit
      TextField7.Text Stock
      TextField8.Text Unit Price
      TextField9.Text Discontinued

    6. In the Details section, add five TextFields corresponding to the TextFields in HeaderGroup_Header, and set the following properties:
      Property Value
      TextField10.Text =ProductName
      TextField11.Text =QuantityPerUnit
      TextField12.Text =Stock
      TextField13.Text =UnitPrice
      TextField14.Text =Discontinued

    7. Select Detail from the drop-down list on the top of the Properties window.
    8. Go to the OnFormat property and click the ellipsis next to it.
    9. The VBScript Editor appears. Enter the following VBScript expression in the editor to apply conditional formatting.
      row = row + 1
      if row mod 2 = 1 Then
        rowColor = Rgb(248, 248, 248)
        rowColor = "Transparent"
      doHighlight = False
      if pCondition = 1 Then
        doHighlight = UnitPrice > 50
      ElseIf pCondition = 2 Then
        doHighlight = UnitPrice > 100
      ElseIf pCondition = 3 Then
        doHighlight = UnitsInStock > 50
      if doHighlight Then
        textColor = pHighlightColor
        textColor = Rgb(90, 70, 50)
      Detail.BackColor = rowColor
      for i = 0 to Detail.Fields.Count - 1
        Detail.Fields(i).ForeColor = textColor
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    Step 4: View the report

    1. Preview the report.
    2. In the Preview mode, click Parameters from the View group to open the parameters panel and apply parameters.
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    Note: For the complete report, see report 'Conditional Formatting' in the FlexCommonTasks.flxr report definition file, which is available in the ComponentOne Samples\Winforms\C1FlexReport\CS\FlexCommonTasks folder. The data base used is C1NWind.mdb which is also available in the ComponentOne Samples folder.