ComponentOne FlexReport for WinForms
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    Binding FlexReport with FlexViewer
    In This Topic

    To render a report, you need to bind the report to the FlexViewer control. Once the report definition has been created, a data source defined, and loaded into the C1FlexReport component, you can render the report to the printer, to the preview control - FlexViewer, or export to different file formats.

    To preview the report in the FlexViewer control, the steps are as follows:

    1. From the Toolbox, double-click the FlexViewer control to add it to your project.
    2. From the Properties window, set the C1FlexViewer.Dock property to Fill.
    3. Select the Windows Form with your mouse and drag to resize it. For this example, we resized the Form to 600x500 so it better reveals the preview panel.
    4. Double-click the form and enter the following code in the Form_Load event handler:
    'load report definition
    c1FlexReport1.Load("..\..\Products Report.flxr", "Products Report")
    'preview the report
    c1FlexViewer1.DocumentSource = c1FlexReport1
    //load report definition
    c1FlexReport1.Load(@"..\..\Products Report.flxr", "Products Report");
    //preview the report
    c1FlexViewer1.DocumentSource = c1FlexReport1;