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    Calculated Field
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    In order to create fields that do not use raw data, Calculated fields are the best option. Calculated fields contain expressions that are evaluated at run-time. They are used to generate those data values that are not stored in the data base.

    Some predefined expressions are available in the dropdown of Calculated Fields.

    To add a predefined Calculated field using FlexReportDesigner application:

    1. Create a new FlexReport in C1FlexReportDesigner.
    2. From Insert tab, add two Calculated fields - 'Date Created' and 'Page n of m', in the PageFooter section:

    3. Note the expressions in these calculated fields in the design area.

    4. Preview the report.

    To define a Calculated field and add the field in the FlexReportDesigner application:

    1. Create a new report.    
    2. Bind the report with 'Orders Details' Table.    
    3. In Group Header, add a Text field 'Total' to display label for the total price.
    4. Go to Data tab, and right-click the Main data source and select Add Calculated Field. VBScript Editor appears.
    5. In the VBScript Editor, write the following expression:


    6. Drop the above mentioned Calculated field as shown.

    7. Preview the report.