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Working with FlexReportDesigner / Changing Data Source of FlexReport
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    Changing Data Source of FlexReport
    In This Topic

    When you create a new data bound report, the first thing you do is select a data source. With the FlexReportDesigner application, you can easily edit all the data sources to which the report and its elements are bound.

    The steps to change/edit a data source in a report using FlexReportDesigner are as follows:

    1. Click the Data tab.
    2. Expand the Data Sources node.
    3. Right-click the data source you want to edit and select Edit.
    1. Click the Home.
    2. Click the drop-down on the Data Sources option.
    3. Select the data source, and then click Edit.
    4. The Data Sources dialog box opens. Select the new data source, change the connection string, and edit the Sql statement, and you are done.