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    Checkbox Field
    In This Topic

    The Checkbox field lets users to select or clear a check box in the report. By default, it appears as an empty box with the text on the right. It takes the Boolean value, and if it evaluates to true, a check or tick mark appears in the check box.

    To add data-bound Checkbox in FlexReportDesigner application:

    1. Create a new FlexReport in FlexReportDesigner.
    2. Bind it with Products Table. Select these fields - 'Product Name', 'Quantity Per Unit', 'Stock', and 'Discontinued'.
    3. From the Insert tab, click Checkbox field and select 'Discontinued' data field.
    4. Drop the data field in the Detail section of the report, below the Discontinued label in the group header.
    5. From Properties window, set CheckAlign to CenterMiddle.

       Add Checkbox field in designer

    6. Preview the report.
      Preview Checkbox field in designer.