ComponentOne FlexReport for WinForms
Working with FlexReport / Data Sources in FlexReport
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    Data Sources in FlexReport
    In This Topic

    A FlexReport definition can include several data sources, which are accessible through C1FlexReport.DataSources collection. The data sources in this collection are identified by unique names. These data sources can be used as:

    The list of supported data source types in FlexReport are as follows:

    For backwards compatibility with C1Report, C1FlexReport has a DataSource property which points to DataSources[DataSourceName]. When a new C1FlexReport is created, a single element with the name 'Main' is added to its C1FlexReport.DataSources collection, and 'Main' is assigned to the C1FlexReport.DataSourceName property.

    Note that in C1Report, Main data source is the only data source for the report. 

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