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    Design Time Support
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    The Chart field in FlexReport provides design-time support through design-time editors and collection editors that simplify working with the charts.

    The design-time editors for Chart field are as follows:

    These editors can be invoked by right-clicking the chart field and selecting the required editor.

    It provides an easy and interactive way to create and modify a new or existing chart. It contains the options to select the type of chart and . However, it also includes additional property settings for the x and y axis along with appearance settings for the header, footer, legend, chart area, and plot area of the chart. The Chart Properties dialog box provides more options to address specific details with the design of the chart you are developing. It consists of following elements:

    Note: If you don't select a chart type for data [Group1] then the elements for data [Group1] will not appear in the list box in the left pane of the Chart Properties dialog box.

    The Chart Data editor lets you bind the chart by setting data through Chart Data-add or remove data series in your chart, specify the label and color of each data series, and stack your data by checking the Show stacked data check box.


    Visual Effects is a tool used for visually enhancing the Chart2D control's elements such as the data series, header, and footer. Any existing project can use the new features provided by this tool. The chart's appearance can dramatically improve in a few simple steps using the Visual Effects designer.

    The collection editors for Chart field are as follows: