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Working with FlexReportDesigner / Exporting and Publishing a Report / Export to PDF/A
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    Export to PDF/A
    In This Topic

    A FlexReport can be exported to a PDF format that is in compliance with the PDF/A standards.

    PDF/A is commonly used for creating invoices, brochures, manuals or research reports, and storing the reports in PDF/A formats. It enables export of JPEG2000 Images, provisions for digital signatures, and support for embedded fonts.

    The steps to export to PDF/A format using FlexReportDesigner are as follows:

    1. Run C1FlexReportDeisgner application.
    2. Open the report.
    3. Click File|Export OR Click Preview and from Export group, select PDF/A from the PDF icon's drop-down. Export Report to File dialog box opens. 
    4. Specify the File name. Save as type is by default PDF/A (*.pdf).
    5. Click Save. The Save as PDF dialog box opens.

    6. Fill the dialog box and then click OK. Your exported PDF/A document opens in the PDF reader installed on your computer.

    You have successfully exported your report that is in compliance with the PDF/A standards!

    Note: In 2015v3 release, only PDF/A-2B is supported.