ComponentOne FlexReport for WinForms
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    FlexReport Quick Start
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    Although you can use C1FlexReport in many different scenarios, on the desktop, the main sequence of steps is always the same:

    1. Create a report definition

      This can be done directly with the FlexReportDesigner application or using the report designer in Microsoft Access and Crystal Report, and then importing it into the FlexReportDesigner. You can also do it using code, either by using the object model to add groups and fields or by writing a custom XML file.

    2. Load the report into the C1FlexReport component

      This can be done at design time, using the Load Report context menu, or programmatically using the C1FlexReport.Load method. If you load the report at design time, it will be persisted (saved) with the control and you won't need to distribute the report definition file. 

    3. Render the report

      You can render the report into a FlexViewer control using the C1FlexViewer.DocumentSource property. The preview control will display the report on the screen, and users will be able to preview it with full zooming, panning, and so on. Note that report rendering is supported only for desktop applications.

    The following steps will show you how to create a report definition, load the report into the C1FlexReport component, and render the report.

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