ComponentOne FlexReport for WinForms
Report and Document Viewer (FlexViewer Control) / FlexViewer Toolbar
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    FlexViewer Toolbar
    In This Topic

    The FlexViewer toolbar appears on the top of the control as shown in the image below:

    It consists of the following shortcut command buttons at the top of the toolbar:

    Command Button Command Button Name Description
    Go back Allows you  to go back to the previously opened page
    Go forward Allows you to go forward to the next page
    Select text to copy Allows you to select a text to copy

    All the command buttons are divided in groups in FlexViewer toolbar as listed below:

    Group Command Buttons inside Group Description
    Print Layout, Stop, Refresh, Parameters, Outline, Thumbnails Allows you to view the report pages in print layout, refresh the view and stop the preview. It also allows you to view the parameters, outlines and thumbnails of the report pages
    Go to the first page of the document, Go to the previous page of the document, The current page number, Number of pages in the current document, Go to the next page of the document, Go to the last page of the document, Back, Forward, Page Sets Allows you to navigate to the first, last, previous, next page of the report. It shows you the current page number and lets you move back and forward. The Page Sets button allows you to navigate to the page sets instead of pages
    Zoom, Actual Size, Page Width,Whole Page Allows you to open Zoom dialog box using Zoom button. Actual Size allows you to zoom the page to 100% of the normal size, Page Width allows you to zoom pages to fill the window width, and Whole page allows you to zoom pages to fit within the window
    Portrait, Landscape, Page Setup Allows you to change the orientation of the report pages to portrait or landscape mode. Page Setup changes the page settings of the current report.
    Print, Export, Find, HandTool, TextSelect Tool, Copy Text Allows you to print and export reports. Find button allows you to find text in the report, Hand Tool allows you to scroll in window using the mouse, Text Select Tool selects text to copy, and Copy Text button allows you to copy the selected text