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    Image Field
    In This Topic

    Image field is used to insert images that are data-bound or static. On clicking the Image field, a dialog box appears that prompts you to select an image file to be inserted in the report. A copy of the image you select is made and placed in the same directory as the report file. You must distribute this file with the application unless you embed the report file in the application. When you embed a report file in your application, any unbound picture files are embedded too.

    To add a Image field using FlexReportDesigner application:

    1. Create a new report in FlexReportDesigner.
    2. Bind the report with Products Table.
    3. Create a Group Header in which text field 'Image' for the products will be displayed.
    4. Go to the Insert tab and click the dropdown on the Image field icon.
    5. Select 'Picture' and add the Image field to the group header section of the report.

      Add Image field in the Designer
    6. Preview the report.

      Preview report