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    Paragraph Field
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    In order to use multi-formatted text, Database fields, scripts, Parameters, Calculated Fields within a single Field, Paragraph field can be a useful option.

    To add a Paragraph field in FlexReportDesigner application:

    1. Create a new FlexReport in C1FlexReportDesigner.
    2. Bind it with Products Table.
    3. From the Insert tab, add Paragraph field to the report.
    4. Double-click the Paragraph field to enter in edit mode.
    5. Type "Product:"

    To insert Database fields:

    1. In edit mode, right-click the Paragraph field and select Insert Expression.
    2. In the Expression editor, select 'ProductID' from DatabaseFields dropdown.
    3. Click Done.
    4. Select "Product:{ProductID}" and set ForeColor as Green from the Ribbon.

    To change new line in edit mode:

    1. In edit mode, press Ctrl+Enter.
    2. In the next line, type static text "Unit Price is" and insert 'UnitPrice' Database Field using steps above.
    3. Set {UnitPrice} as Bold.

    To insert scripts:

    1. After the text - "UnitPrice is {UnitPrice}", type - "We have".
    2. Right-click and select Insert Expression.
    3. Add following script: Iif(UnitsInStock > 0, UnitsInStock, "No")
    4. Click Done.
    5. After this script expression, type static text - "units in stock."
    6. Select the script while in edit mode and set it to Bold.
    7. Press Ctrl+Enter.
    8. In newline, right-click and select Insert Expression.
    9. Type following script: Iif(Discontinued, "This product is no longer available", "") /
    10. Click Done.
    11. Select the above mentioned script and set Highlight color to 'Orange, Accent 6 Lighter 60%' and ForeColor to Red.
    12. Preview the report.

      Paragraph field in preview