ComponentOne FlexReport for WinForms
Working with FlexReportDesigner / Sorting Data using Designer
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    Sorting Data using Designer
    In This Topic

    The data in a report can be easily sorted using FlexReportDesigner. The steps to sort data in a report are as follows:

    1. Create a new report - Products Report - bound to Main data source through C1NWind.mdb. Select Product Name, Quantity Per Unit, and Stock as the text and calculated fields, so that the report appears as shown:

      Products Report Without Sorting
    2. To view the report where data is sorted by Product Name, go to Design mode.
    3. Click Data tab.
    4. Expand Data Sources node.
    5. Expand the Main data source to which the report is bound.
    6. Right-click Sort Definitions.

      Sorting Data in C1FlexReportDesigner

    7. Select Add Sort Definition. Sort Definition dialog box appears.

      Sort Definition Dialog Box in C1FlexReportDesigner

    8. Select ProductName, check the Ascending checkbox, and click OK.

    9. Preview the report.

      Products Report With Sorting