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    Style Gallery
    In This Topic

    The Style Gallery dialog box details all the available built-in and custom styles that you can use to format your report. Built-in styles include standard Microsoft AutoFormat themes, including Vista and Office 2007 themes. You can access the Style Gallery from the C1FlexReportDesigner application by selecting the Home tab and clicking Report Styles.

    The following built-in styles are included:

    Style Name Preview
    Access 2007 Access 2007
    Access 2003 Access 2003
    Apex Apex
    Aspect Aspect
    Civic Civic
    Concourse Concourse
    ComponentOne ComponentOne
    Equity Equity
    Flow Flow
    Foundry Foundry
    Median Median
    Metro Metro
    Module Module
    None None
    Northwind Northwind
    Office Office
    Opulent Opulent
    Style Name Preview
    Oriel Oriel
    Origin Origin
    Paper Paper
    Solstice Solstice
    Technic Technic
    Trek Trek
    Urban Urban
    Verve Verve
    Windows Vista Windows Vista
    Bold Bold
    Casual Casual
    Compact Compact
    Corporate Corporate
    Formal Formal
    Soft Gray Soft Gray
    Verdana Verdana
    WebReport WebReport