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    Text Field
    In This Topic

    The Text field is the most commonly-used report field to display data. It is used to insert:

    To add a data-bound text field using FlexReportDesigner application:

    1. Create a new report in C1FlexReportDesigner.
    2. Bind the report with the Products Table.
    3. Create a Group Header in which text field 'CategoryName' for the products will be displayed.
    4. Go to the Insert tab and click the Text field icon. All the Data Fields (bound to the data source) are listed.
      Add text field in report
    5. Add the 'CategoryName' data field to the group header section of the report.

      Category Name field
    6. Preview the report.

      Text field preview

    To add an unbound (static) text label using FlexReportDesigner:

    1. Go to the Insert tab and click the Text field icon.
    2. Drag the crosshair on the design area of the report and draw the field in the section in which you want the field to appear.
    3. Click the field and enter the text you want to be displayed as a label.