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    Working with Parameters
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    Using Parameters

    Report parameters in FlexReport can be used to perform following tasks:

    Adding parameters to a report

    The steps to add parameter to a report are as follows:

    1. Run C1FlexReportDesigner.exe application.
    2. Create a new report. Bind it to a data source, which is the Main data source. The report opens in the Design mode.
    3. Click the Data tab.
    4. Right-click Data Sources and click Add Data Source to add a data source for specifying a parameter. Add as many data sources as the number of parameters that need to be added to the report. See Adding Multiple Data Sources for more information.
    5. Right-click Parameters and select Add Parameter from the context menu.
    6. Set the properties of parameters from the Properties window depending upon the task that needs to be accomplished using parameters.

    The following sections explain the various tasks that can be achieved using parameters. 

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