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    Fields and Custom Fields
    In This Topic

    Fields within a report represent data mapping between a data source and the template of the report. FlexReport allows you to add an in-built field as well as a custom field. To add fields in FlexReport, you simply need to use the Fields group of Insert tab in FlexReportDesigner, and click the desired field and drop it into the report.

    You can also create your own custom fields and add them to the Report Designer. Custom fields in FlexReport can be generated using the C1.Win.FlexReport.CustomFields assembly. This can be done only by registering the assembly in C1FlexReportDesigner.4.exe.settings.

    In the sub-topics, we explain various types of in-built and custom fields, their properties, and how to add them to your reports. Note that the database used for adding fields is C1NWind.mdb.

    Note: The custom fields can only be generated by registering the assembly in FlexReportDesigner (.NET4.0) and C1FlexReportDesigner.4.exe.settings. It would require the use of the 4.0 versions of the respective controls and scaling the application to 4.0 .NET framework.