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    GanttView for WinForms Overview
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    The C1GanttView control delivers a Microsoft Project-like user experience for project management. It provides a graphical diagram of a schedule that helps to plan, coordinate, and track specific tasks in a project. Manage your projects effectively and efficiently with added support for constraints, dependencies, resources, styles and more.

    The C1GanttView control can automatically generate a schedule from a list of tasks, durations and constraints. Or users can edit task information manually through a tabular data grid, input dialogs, or by clicking and dragging bars within the chart pane.

    The C1GanttView control extends the popular C1FlexGrid control. It consists of two grids, one on the left for traditional data entry, and one on the right (known as the “chart”) which has click and drag input. The two grids are separated by a resize-able splitter. A built-in toolbar with common commands is also provided.