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Gauges for WinForms Task-Based Help / Adding a Glass Effect
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    Adding a Glass Effect
    In This Topic

    In addition to the FaceShapes collection, each gauge in C1Gauge has a CoverShapes collection. The only difference is that the CoverShapes items draw on top of all gauge elements.

    To create a glassing effect, we will add a semi-transparent segment.

    1. Click the ellipsis button next to the Gauges property in the Properties window. The C1Gauge.Gauges Collection Editor dialog box opens.
    2. Click the ellipsis button next to CoverShapes. The CoverShapes Collection Editor opens.
    3. Click the Add drop-down arrow and select C1GaugeSegment.
      Select C1GaugeSegment
    4. Remove the border of the Segment by expanding Border and setting LineStyle to None.
    5. Expand Filling and set the BrushType property to Gradient. Set Color to Transparent and Color2 to White.
    6. Expand Gradient and set Direction to Vertical. This will give you a semi-transparent fill on top of the gauge.
      Gradient direction
    7. Finally, to create an arc to simulate a real glass-looking gauge, we need to set a few angle properties. Set the StartAngle to -110, the SweepAngle to 180 and set the InnerRadius property to 150. This will give us the desired glassing effect.

    To achieve glassing effects for non-circular shapes, we can take advantage of the Clippings collections.