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    C1Gauge Composition
    In This Topic

    The C1Gauge control is made up of several layered elements when gauges are placed inside of the control. For example, the overall composition of a C1Gauge control with a single C1RadialGauge is the following (from the backmost to foremost layer):

    Let’s take a look at the composition of a simple radial gauge (see the ’Interactive’ sample in the GaugeDemo application for more details). The following images show a few states of the whole gauge.

    states of whole gauge

    This gauge consists of the following parts: face shapes, decorators, pointer, and pointer cap.

    Face shapes are the background of a gauge.

    face shapes

    There are four shapes: three ellipses (C1GaugeEllipse) and a rectangle with rounded corners (C1GaugeRectangle).


    Decorators show the scale ranges, markers, and labels.


    This gauge contains a range (C1GaugeRange), major and minor markers (C1GaugeMarks), scale labels (C1GaugeLabels), the bound state mark (C1GaugeSingleMark), and a label that shows the current value (C1GaugeSingleLabel).

    Range, markers, scale, and label

    The topmost parts of this gauge are the pointer (C1GaugePointer) and the pointer cap (C1GaugeCap).

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