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    C1Gauge Control
    In This Topic

    The C1Gauge control is a container control for gauges and shapes. The C1Gauge control supports both linear and radial gauges. Gauges display data, and can be customized using pointers and decorators, such as labels, tick marks, and ranges. Radial gauges can be circular, half-circular, clamshell, helical, or arc curve. Linear gauges can be horizontal, vertical, tilted, or free-formed.

    The C1Gauge control also supports shapes. Shapes consist of static figures, captions, or images. Shapes include the following geometric figures: ellipse, rectangle, segment, and sector, each with a number of customizable settings. Shapes can also specify the clipping area for other elements, such as other shapes, decorators, and pointers.

    A Pointer is a visual element that indicates the current value. Decorators can be bound to pointers. For example, you can bind a single label to the pointer so that the label will show the current value. This powerful technique is discussed in detail in the Decorators section.

    Except custom bitmaps, all graphics in Gauges for WinForms are vector-based. The C1Gauge container control and its gauges can be resized as you choose. You can specify the absolute or proportional positions for individual gauges and their aspect ratios.

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