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    C1RadialGauge Component
    In This Topic

    C1RadialGauge has the center point, radius, start and sweep angles. The PointerOriginX and PointerOriginY properties specify the center of the polar coordinate system associated with the gauge. The height or width of the working area (which is lesser) becomes the base dimension. The Radius property specifies a portion of the base dimension whose length is 100 in logical coordinates.

    The StartAngle and SweepAngle properties provide the possible range of values for the angular coordinate. As opposed to the standard polar coordinates, the angle of 0° corresponds to the direction from center upwards.

    StartAngle and SweepAngle

    The StartAngle property defines an angle for the C1GaugeBase.Minimum value. The (StartAngle + SweepAngle) angle corresponds to the C1GaugeBase.Maximum value. You can reverse the direction of angular coordinate by setting the IsReversed property to True.

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