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Working with Gauges for WinForms / Clippings
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    In This Topic

    The filled shapes can also be used for clipping. The Clippings collection property is available in the following elements: C1GaugeBaseShape, C1GaugePointer, C1GaugeDecorator, and C1GaugeCap. To specify the clipping region for some element you may follow this:

    The C1GaugeClipping.ScaleFactor property allows scaling of the clipping region. You may leave the C1GaugeClipping.ShapeName property empty for a filled shape. Then it will be clipped by itself. So if you set the C1GaugeClipping.ScaleFactor to 0.9, for example, you will see a thick border instead of the filled shape.

    The name of the clipping shape is searched in the C1GaugeBase.FaceShapes and C1GaugeBase.CoverShapes collection of this gauge. If it is not found in the current gauge it is then searched in the owner C1Gauge control.

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