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    Decorator Layout
    In This Topic

    There are a number of layout options available for decorators. The Location property sets the distance, in logical coordinates, between the decorator and the center point (for radial gauges) or the transversal axis start (for linear gauges). The Location2 property specifies the same distance at the maximum value to change it linearly along the value axis.

    The Alignment and OrthogonalAlignment properties specify how the decorator is aligned in both directions. Labels and tick marks can be rotated depending on their value on a radial gauge if their IsRotated property equals to True. If labels appear inverted for some values they can be flipped if the value of the AllowFlip property is True. The TextAngle (for labels) and ShapeAngle (for tick marks) properties specify an additional angle that is used to rotate items on both linear and radial gauges.

    The labels are not scaled by default, i.e. the em-size of the font is defined by the Font property of C1GaugeSingleLabel or C1GaugeLabels. If you want to scale labels like other gauge elements assign a numeric value to the FontSize property. Also, in a C1GaugeLabels, you can vary the font size linearly along the value axis using the C1GaugeLabels.FontSize to C1GaugeLabels.FontSize2 properties.

    If several labels use the same font color, size, and other settings you can create a common font object in the CommonFonts collection of C1Gauge or C1GaugeBase. Then, you may reference the common font from a C1GaugeSingleLabel or C1GaugeLabels using the CommonFontName property.

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