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    Design-time Interaction
    In This Topic

    C1Gauge paints the topmost hit-testable element under the mouse pointer using the special brush. You can specify the color, opacity, and the hatch style of this brush using the C1Gauge.HotBrush property. The special tooltip appears under the C1Gauge control. It shows the type, name, and “path” to the “hot” element.

    If you click the highlighted element its owner gauge (C1RadialGauge, C1LinearGauge, or the container control – C1Gauge) becomes selected on the designer surface. You can double click the “hot” gauge element to display a popup window with properties of the given element. As alternative way, you may right-click the “hot” element, then select “Launch Item Editor” from its context menu. Again, this only works for gauge items which have the HitTestable property set to True. Other elements behave as “transparent”.

    Clicking at the point where there is no any hit-testable element selects the gauge component (C1RadialGauge or C1LinearGauge) or the container control (C1Gauge). A double click in C1Gauge or C1GaugeBase opens its editor in a popup window.

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