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    Gauge Components
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    Available gauges include the C1RadialGauge and C1LinearGauge components (both are derived from the C1GaugeBase class). Gauges aren't Controls; they are simple Components that can be added to the C1Gauge.Gauges collection.

    You can select gauges on the designer surface and edit their properties/events in the standard property grid, in the special Item Editor, or in the collection editor for the C1Gauge.Gauges collection property. Gauge's designer supports the standard operations, such as Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, "Bring to Front", "Send to Back". Also, you can right-click individual gauges to display their context menu. This allows quick editing of the C1GaugeBase.FaceShapes/C1GaugeBase.CoverShapes, and C1GaugeBase.Decorators collections.

    Gauges can be saved as XML templates, and then loaded from XML files. You can also save/load the layout and appearance settings for individual gauges.

    You can bind gauge to a data source using the standard .NET data-binding technique. If there are several pointers in the gauge you can bind these pointers to different data sources (up to 5 pointers for a gauge).

    The main properties of the base C1GaugeBase class include:

    In the following topics, you'll see the specific properties of radial and linear gauges.

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