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Working with Gauges for WinForms / Gauge Decorators
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    Gauge Decorators
    In This Topic

    Decorators graduate the range of possible values. They are derived from the C1GaugeDecorator class. The following is the list of available decorators:

    • C1GaugeLabels – draws a sequence of labels on the gauge. Labels have the Format property that specifies the numeric format. To prepend or append values with arbitrary text use the custom numeric format. If this doesn't help, the FormatLabel event gives unlimited options for the value formatting. Use the Name property to distinguish label decorators in the event handler. The C1GaugeLabels.FontSize property should be set to some non-default value to scale the font size if the gauge's dimension changes.
    • C1GaugeSingleLabel – this is a single label with almost same options as C1GaugeLabels. It has the C1GaugeSingleLabel.Value property that can be bound to a pointer using the PointerIndex property. Also, you can assign fixed text to a single label using the Text property. The Angle and Position properties give an ability to display the label at an arbitrary position.
    • C1GaugeMarks – displays a sequence of tick marks on the gauge. There are a few predefined shapes for the marks that can be selected using the Shape property. Also, you can specify a custom shape using the CustomShape property or display an image for each mark when using the CustomImage property.
    • C1GaugeSingleMark – displays a single mark at the given position.
    • C1GaugeRange – shows a range on the gauge. The range may have constant or variable locations and widths. It can be filled with simple or value-dependent gradient.
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