ComponentOne Gauges for WinForms
Working with Gauges for WinForms / Shadows
In This Topic
    In This Topic

    The following elements can have shadow: C1GaugePointer, C1GaugeDecorator, and C1GaugeCap. They have the Shadow property of the C1GaugeShadow type whose settings are inherited by default from the owner C1Gauge control’s Shadow object except the C1GaugeShadow.Visible property. It is False for all individual elements, by default. You may specify the C1GaugeShadow.Color and C1GaugeShadow.Opacity of shadow. The C1GaugeShadow.OffsetX and C1GaugeShadow.OffsetY properties set the logical offset of shadow relatively to its owner element.

    Instead of setting various properties of each C1GaugeShadow object you can create a common shape in the CommonShapes collection of C1Gauge or C1GaugeBase. This common shape can be referenced from multiple gauge elements. Just select its name from the drop-down list of the Shadow property or assign its name to the C1GaugeShadow.CommonShadowName property from code.

    The offset properties for all element shadows are set in logical coordinates in the container control scope. The offset doesn’t depend on individual gauge’s logical coordinates; all shadows are of the same size by default.

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