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In This Topic
    Background Image
    In This Topic

    Complete the following steps to set background image to C1RangeSlider control:

    1. In Solution Explorer, right-click the project name and select Add > New Folder.
    2. Rename the folder Resources.
    3. Add the desired image to the Resources folder of your local project.
    4. In Solution Explorer, click the Show All Files(showallfilesbutton) button.
    5. Right-click the image kept in Resources folder and select Include In Project.
    6. Right-click C1RangeSlider control and select Properties.
    7. In the Properties pane expand the Appearance node.
    8. Click the ellipsis button next to BackgroundImage property. Select Resources dialog box appears.
    9. Click the Import button and browse to Resources folder in your project.
    10. Select the image and click OK to save and close the Select Resource dialog box.


    Setting the Background Image Layout

    1. In Properties pane, click the dropdown corresponding to BackgroundImageLayout property.
    2. Select the appropriate layout for the background image of your C1RangeSlider control. 
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