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In This Topic
    C1ComboBox Button Appearance
    In This Topic

    The default C1ComboBox appears with one dropdown button to the right of the textbox. You can determine the button's visibility and what type of button to use through the C1ComboBox.VisibleButtons property.

    The C1ComboBox.VisibleButtons property provides the following possible values:

    Value Appearance or Description
    None C1ComboBox appears with no dropdown button.
    UpDown Gets or sets the background color for the dropdown form in the C1ComboBox.
    DropDown Displays the default image for the DropDown button.
    Modal Displays ther default image for the Modal button. It appears to the right of the dropdown button if the dropdown button is enabled too.
    Custom Gets or sets the custom button for the C1ComboBox control.


    Once the button style is determined you can use the default button image for the selected button or you can create a custom image for it. The following properties can be used to apply the custom image for each button style (Custom, UpDown, DropDown, and Modal):

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