ComponentOne Input for WinForms
Using the C1Input Controls / Drop-Down and Increment Buttons / C1DateEdit Control
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    C1DateEdit Control
    In This Topic

    C1DateEdit control supports up/down buttons and drop-down calendar.

    The up/down buttons function if DateTimeInput property is set to True. They increment/decrement the currently selected field of the date-time value, see Editing Date and Time Values.

    The drop-down calendar has the same object model as the standard MonthCalendar control (System.Windows.Forms.MonthCalendar) and almost the same appearance with additional buttons such as Clear, Today, and two year navigation buttons.

    Button visibility is controlled by the properties ShowClearButton and ShowTodayButton. These properties and all other calendar properties are available both in the designer and in code in the Calendar object. If you want to change calendar properties programmatically when the calendar is opened, before it is shown to the user, use the DropDownOpened event.

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