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    C1DbNavigator Appearance
    In This Topic

    C1DbNavigator’s buttons, border, and user interface strings can easily be customized by using C1DbNavigator’s properties.

    C1DbNavigator’s Button Properties

    The following table lists and describes the properties used to customize the buttons on the C1DbNavigator control:

    Property Description
    C1DbNavigator.ButtonSize The size of the navigator buttons.
    C1DbNavigator.ButtonStyle Gets the navigator button style which can be flat or standard.
    C1DbNavigator.ButtonTextAlign Controls how the text is positioned relative to the image in the navigator buttons.
    C1DbNavigator.ButtonTexts Gets or sets the texts displayed on the buttons.
    C1DbNavigator.ButtonToolTips The string collection defining the navigator button tooltips.
    C1DbNavigator.ColorButtons Specifies if navigator buttons have color bitmaps.
    C1DbNavigator.ColorWhenHover If true, navigator buttons show color bitmaps when the mouse hovers over them.
    C1DbNavigator.VisibleButtons Specifies which buttons are visible.

    C1DbNavigator’s User Interface Strings

    The following table lists and describes the properties used to customize the user interface strings on the C1DbNavigator:

    UIString Description
    Row: Represents the current selected row number in the record.
    of {0} Represents the total amount of rows in the record.
    (inactive) Represents the position textbox where the text is displayed.
    Confirmation Appears in the title of the dialog box that appears when you click on the delete button to delete a row in the record.
    Do you want to delete the row? Appears in the content area of the confirmation dialog box.

    C1DbNavigator Position Textbox Property

    You can use the Text property to get or set the text in the position textbox. If the Position textbox is not visible, it returns empty string.

    If you set the Text property when the Position textbox is not visible, the action has no effect.

    Changing the Text property causes the data source position change.

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