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    C1DbNavigator Behavior
    In This Topic

    C1DbNavigator’s includes several events for controlling its behavior. For example, the C1DbNavigator’s behavior can change when any of the buttons are pressed, if the current row or if the fields have been changed in the record, if there is an exception thrown when clicking one of its buttons, or if the visual property style has changed.

    The following table lists the C1DbNavigator events:

    Event Description
    Adding Occurs when the Add button is pressed.
    BeforeAction Occurs when a button is clicked, before the action is executed.
    ButtonClick Occurs when a navigator button has been pressed, after the button action is performed.
    ButtonCursorChanged Event fired when the value of the ButtonCursor property is changed.
    Deleting Occurs when the Delete button is pressed.
    Editing Occurs when the Edit button is pressed.
    Error Occurs when an exception is thrown performing an action on button click.
    ItemChanged Occurs when the current row has been modified, some of its fields changed.
    PositionChanged Occurs when the position has changed.
    RefreshData Occurs when Refresh button is pressed.
    TextChanged Occurs when the C1.Win.C1Input.C1DbNavigator.Text property value changes.
    UpdateData Occurs when Update button is pressed.
    VisualStyleChanged Occurs when the VisualStyle property has changed.
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