ComponentOne Input for WinForms
Using the C1Input Controls / Drop-Down and Increment Buttons
In This Topic
    Drop-Down and Increment Buttons
    In This Topic

    The specialized C1Input controls for date-time and numeric editing, C1DateEdit and C1NumericEdit controls, support drop-down and increment/decrement (up/down) buttons. Button visibility is controlled by the ShowDropDownButton and ShowUpDownButtons properties.

    To control drop-down alignment and distance from the control you can use the DropDownAlign and GapHeight properties. To open/close drop-down programmatically, use the OpenDropDown and CloseDropDown methods. Opening/closing drop-down triggers events DropDownOpened and DropDownClosed. You can use the DropDownOpened event to adjust drop-down properties (mostly, calendar properties in Calendar) before the drop-down is shown to the user. You can check if the drop-down is open using the DroppedDown property.

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