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    Quick Start
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    This quick start will guide you through the steps of creating a simple travel registration form using the Input controls. Follow the steps below to get started.

    Set Up the Application

    1. Create a new Windows Forms App (.NET).
    2. In Visual Studio, go to Project > {ProjectName} Properties and select .NET 5.0 in Target Framework combobox.
    3. Install the nuget package of C1.Win.Input.
      Observe: In design view, observe that Input controls are added to the toolbox.

    Add and Configure Input Controls

    In this step, we are adding and configuring various Input controls to make you familiar with each one of them.

    1. In design view, drag and drop label controls, radio buttons and rest of the input controls as required.
    2. Place them on the form to create the desired layout.
    3. Set the Name and Text property of each control as shown in the table below.
      Control Name property Text property
      c1Label1 lblTitle Travel Registration Form
      c1Label2 lblName Name
      c1TextBox1 txtName
      c1Label3 lblGender Gender
      c1RadioButton1 radioBtnMale Male
      c1RadioButton2 radioBtnFemale Female
      c1Label4 lblTravelTo Country
      c1SplitButton1 splitBtnCountry


      c1ComboBox1 cmbPurpose
      c1Label6 lblVisa Visa Status
      c1CheckBox1 chkVisa Stamped
      c1Label7 lblPic Photo


      c1PictureBox1 picBoxMain
      c1Label8 lblNumofDays Duration (in days)


      c1Label9 lblTravellers Number of Travelers
      c1NumericEdit1 numEditTravellers
      c1Label10 lblMin rgSliderDays.Minimum.ToString();
      c1Label11 lblMax rgSliderDays.Maximum.ToString();
      c1Label12 lblProf Profession
      c1DropDownControl1 dropdownControl dataGridView.CurrentCell.Value.ToString();
      DataGridView dataGridView
      c1ColorPicker1 colorPicker
      c1MaskedTextBox1 MaskedTextBox
    4. Set the Font property of lblTitle to Georgia, 18pt, Bold.
    5. Set the Value property of numEditTraveller to 1.
    6. Configure rgSliderDays as shown in the code below.
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      //configure range slider control
      rgSliderDays.LowerValue = 5D;
      rgSliderDays.Maximum = 30D;
      rgSliderDays.Minimum = 5D;
      rgSliderDays.LargeChange = 2D;
      rgSliderDays.ScrollBehavior = C1.Win.Input.RangeSliderScrollBehavior.ThumbStep;
      rgSliderDays.SmallChange = 1D;
      rgSliderDays.UpperValue = 30D;
      //assign value to rangslider's min and max label
      lblMin.Text = rgSliderDays.Minimum.ToString();
      lblMax.Text = rgSliderDays.Maximum.ToString();

    Populate Data

    1. Set the ItemsDataSource property of cmbPurpose combobox.
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      //add items to purpose combobox
      cmbPurpose.ItemsDataSource = resource.GetString("Purposes").Split(",");
      cmbPurpose.PostValidation.AllowDbNull = false;
    2. Create a Country list to populate data in splitBtnCountry splitbutton.
    3. Create an ImageList and add images to it to render them in the SplitButton items list.
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      //Get the data to bind to country combobox
      Countries = Country.GetCountries();
      imgList = new ImageList();
      //create imagelist
      for (int i = 0; i < Countries.Count; i++)
          Country c = Countries[i];
          Image img = (Image)resource.GetObject(c.ISO2Name);
          if (img is null) continue;
          imgList.Images.Add(c.Name, img);
          string[] offices = Resources.Offices.Split(',');
          foreach (string item in offices)
              SplitButtonItem sbtn = new SplitButtonItem();
              sbtn.Text = item;
              sbtn.Click += Sbtn_Click;
          splitBtnCountry.TextAlign = ContentAlignment.MiddleLeft;
    4. Configure the btnSelectPic to open a file dialog for selecting a file on button click.
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      private void btnSelectPic_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
          OpenFileDialog fileDialog = new OpenFileDialog();
          fileDialog.Filter = "Image files (*.jpg, *.jpeg, *.jpe, *.jfif, *.png) | *.jpg; *.jpeg; *.jpe; *.jfif; *.png";
          if (fileDialog.ShowDialog() == DialogResult.OK)
              picBoxMain.Image = Image.FromFile(fileDialog.FileName);
    5. Set the visibility to DataGridView to false in the Properties window. The DataGridView is required to assign data to the Control property of the DropDownControl. Assign a DataSource to the DataGridView control, which populates the grid to add the same data to the dropdown form.
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      dataGridView.ColumnHeadersVisible = false;
      dataGridView.RowHeadersVisible = false;
      dataGridView.DataSource = _profession;
    6. Configure the DropDownControl using the Control property of C1DropDownControl class to host the DataGridView control on the drop-down form.
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      dropdownControl.Control = dataGridView;
      dropdownControl.DroppedDown = false;
    7. Invoke the event handler of the SelectionChanged event of the DataGridView control. Assign the Text property of the DropDownControl to Value property of the current cell in the DataGridView control.
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      private void dataGridView_SelectionChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
          dropdownControl.Text = dataGridView.CurrentCell.Value.ToString();
    8. Run the project to see the travel registration form.
    Note: WinForms .NET 5 Edition does not include rich design-time support yet. We will enhance it in future releases.
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