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In This Topic
    StyleBrush Enumeration
    In This Topic
    Named style brushes.
    Public Enum StyleBrush 
       Inherits System.Enum
    public enum StyleBrush : System.Enum 
    ButtonNormal background of buttons.
    ButtonDisabledBackground of disabled buttons.
    ButtonHotThe 'hot' background used for elements under the mouse pointer.
    ButtonPressedBackground of pressed button elements.
    ButtonToggledBackground of a 'toggled' InputButton.
    CalendarHeaderBackground of the calendar header area.
    CalendarHotDayThe 'hot' background used for a day under the mouse pointer.
    CalendarPressedDayBackground of the day being pressed with the mouse.
    CalendarToggledDayBackground of the selected (picked) day.
    CheckBoxNormal background of the mark area.
    CheckBoxDisabledBackground of disabled check box's mark area.
    GroupHeaderThe background of InputGroupHeader elements.
    MenuCheckBoxBackground of the box displayed for toggled menu items.
    MenuHeaderBackground of headers in menus.
    MenuHotBackground of 'hot' elements, such as menu items.
    MenuPressedBackground of pressed elements, such as an opened submenu.
    NoneValue used as default for StyleBrush enumeration.
    PanelBackground of C1InputPanel control.
    ProgressBarBackground of the bar showing progress.
    ProgressBarDisabledBackground of a disabled bar showing progress.
    ScrollBarButtonNormal background of the scrollbar buttons.
    ScrollBarButtonDisabledBackground of a disabled scroll button.
    ScrollBarButtonHotBackground of a scroll button that is hovered with the mouse pointer.
    ScrollBarButtonPressedBackground of a pressed scroll button.
    ScrollBarThumbNormal background of the scrollbar thumb.
    ScrollBarThumbHotBackground of the 'hot' scrollbar thumb.
    ScrollBarThumbPressedBackground of the pressed scrollbar thumb.
    ScrollBarTrackBackground of the scrollbar track.
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