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In This Topic
    StyleColor Enumeration
    In This Topic
    Named style colors.
    Public Enum StyleColor 
       Inherits System.Enum
    public enum StyleColor : System.Enum 
    BoxBackgroundThe background color of TextBox-like elements.
    BoxBorderNormal border color.
    BoxDisabledBackgroundBackground color of disabled TextBox-like elements.
    BoxDisabledBorderBorder color of a disabled TextBox-like element.
    BoxDisabledTextThe color of text of a disabled TextBox-like element.
    BoxHotBorderBorder color of a focused TextBox-like element.
    BoxTextThe foreground color of TextBox-like elements.
    ButtonBorderThe color of button borders.
    ButtonBoxBorderNormal color of the button border.
    ButtonBoxHotBorderThe color of 'hot' button border.
    ButtonDisabledBorderThe color of border for disabled buttons.
    ButtonDisabledTextThe color of disabled text on button elements.
    ButtonHotBorderBorder color for buttons hovered with the mouse pointer.
    ButtonHotTextText color for 'hot' button elements.
    ButtonPressedBorderBorder color for pressed buttons.
    ButtonPressedTextText color for pressed button elements.
    ButtonTextNormal text color for button elements.
    ButtonToggledTextText color for 'toggled' buttons.
    CalendarArrowGlyphThe color of navigation arrows in the calendar header area.
    CalendarArrowGlyphHotThe color of a hot navigation arrow in the calendar header area.
    CalendarArrowGlyphPressedThe color of a pressed navigation arrow in the calendar header area.
    CalendarHeaderTextThe color of text in the calendar header area.
    CalendarHotToggledBorderThe color of border of a 'hot' selected day.
    CalendarTextNormal day text color in drop-down calendar.
    CalendarTextInactiveText color for days of the month which is not currently selected.
    CheckMarkThe color of check mark in its normal state.
    CheckMarkDisabledThe color of disabled check mark.
    CheckMarkHotThe color of check mark hovered with the mouse.
    CheckMarkPressedThe color of check mark when it is pressed with the mouse.
    DayTodayBorderThe color of today day border.
    DisabledSubmenuArrowThe color of disabled submenu arrow.
    DisabledTextThe color of disabled labels on C1InputPanel.
    DropDownArrowThe color of drop-down arrows.
    DropDownArrowDisabledThe color of disabled drop-down arrows.
    DropDownArrowHotThe color of 'hot' drop-down arrows.
    DropDownArrowPressedThe color of pressed drop-down arrows.
    DropDownBackgroundBackground color of various drop-downs.
    DropDownBorderThe color of outer border for the drop-down windows.
    HeaderDisabledTextText color for disabled InputGroupHeader elements.
    HeaderGlyphNormal color of collapsing/expanding glyph.
    HeaderGlyphDisabledThe color of disabled collapsing/expanding glyph.
    HeaderTextText color for InputGroupHeader elements.
    HotSubmenuArrowThe color of 'hot' submenu arrow.
    ItemSeparatorThe color of a separator between input elements.
    MenuCheckBoxBorderThe color of border of the box displayed for toggled menu items.
    MenuCheckMarkThe color of check mark displayed for toggled menu items.
    MenuDisabledTextText color of disabled elements in menus and other drop-downs.
    MenuHeaderTextThe color of text in menu headers.
    MenuHotTextText color of the 'hot' menu item.
    MenuPressedTextText color of the pressed menu item.
    MenuResizeGripperThe color of a handle for resizing menus vertically.
    MenuSeparatorThe color of a horizontal line displayed as item separator.
    MenuTextNormal text color in menus and other drop-downs.
    NoneValue used as default for StyleColor enumeration.
    PressedSubmenuArrowThe color of arrow when the submenu is visible.
    ProgressBarBorderThe color of the outer border.
    ProgressBarDisabledBorderThe color of disabled outer border.
    ScrollBarArrowThe color of the scrollbar arrow image.
    ScrollBarArrowDisabledThe color of the disabled scrollbar arrow image.
    ScrollBarButtonBorderThe color of button border in normal button state.
    ScrollBarButtonDisabledBorderThe color of button border in disabled button state.
    ScrollBarButtonHotBorderThe color of button border in 'hot' button state.
    ScrollBarButtonPressedBorderThe color of button border in pressed button state.
    ScrollBarThumbBorderNormal border color of the thumb.
    ScrollBarThumbHotBorderBorder color of the 'hot' thumb.
    ScrollBarThumbPressedBorderThe color of border for the pressed thumb.
    StackScrollArrowNormal color of an arrow glyph on the scroll button ('hot scrolling' menu area).
    StackScrollHotArrowThe color of an arrow glyph on 'hot' scroll button.
    SubmenuArrowNormal color of a submenu arrow.
    TextNormal text color for input panel labels.
    TooltipBackgroundThe background of the tooltip window.
    TooltipBorderThe color of the border drawn around a tooltip.
    TooltipTextThe foreground color of the tooltip window.
    TrackBarGlyphNormal color of InputTrackBar buttons.
    TrackBarGlyphDisabledThe color of disabled glyphs.
    TrackBarGlyphHotThe color of 'hot' glyphs.
    TrackBarGlyphPressedThe color of pressed glyphs.
    TrackBarSliderNormal color of the trackbar slider and ticks.
    TrackBarSliderDisabledThe color of disabled slider and ticks.
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