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In This Topic
    StyleConst Enumeration
    In This Topic
    Named style constants of System.Int32 type.
    Public Enum StyleConst 
       Inherits System.Enum
    public enum StyleConst : System.Enum 
    CheckBoxSizeWidth and height of the check box mark area.
    GripPanelHeightThe height of the menu resizing gripper area.
    MenuSeparatorLeftPaddingSpacing before the horizontal line displayed as menu item separator.
    NavigatorSeparatorWidthThe width of a separator between group of button on InputDataNavigator.
    NoneValue used as default for StyleConst enumeration.
    ProgressBarPaddingThe value of horizontal and vertical padding of the bar showing progress.
    RadioBoxSizeWidth and height of the InputRadioButton mark area.
    RadioMarkSizeWidth and height of the image that appears on checked InputRadioButton.
    StackScrollButtonHeightThe height of a stack scroll button ('hot scrolling' menu area).
    TooltipGradientSpecifies a background gradient for tooltips.
    TrackBarThumbHeightThe height of track bar thumb.
    TrackBarThumbWidthThe width of track bar thumb.
    TrackBarTickHeightThe height of tick marks.
    TrackBarTickWidthThe width of tick marks.
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