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    C1.FlexMap Namespace (C1.Win.Map.5)
    In This Topic
    ClassA ICoordinateSystem implementation for the cartesian coordinate system.
    ClassRepresents the base type for geospatial curve.
    ClassRepresents the base class of geospatial geometries.
    ClassRepresents the collection of geospatial geometries.
    ClassRepresents a record contains geospatial data.
    ClassA ICoordinateSystem implementation for the geographic coordinate system.
    ClassRepresents the geospatial line.
    ClassRepresents the geospatial ring for the line.
    ClassRepresents the geospatial line.
    ClassRepresents the multi geospatial curve.
    ClassRepresents the multi geospatial line.
    ClassRepresents the geospatial multi point.
    ClassRepresents the multi geospatial polygon.
    ClassRepresents the multi geospatial surface.
    ClassRepresents the geospatial point.
    ClassRepresents the geospatial polygon.
    ClassRepresents the geospatial polyhedral surface.
    ClassRepresents the reader to read GeoRss data file.
    ClassRepresents the base class for geospatial surface.
    ClassRepresents the geospatial triangulated irregular network.
    ClassRepresents the geospatial triangle shape.
    ClassContains methods for importing KML and KMZ files.
    ClassRepresents a unit used by CartesianCoordinateSystem.
    ClassA IMapProjection implementation for the Mercator projection.
    ClassProvides parsing capabilities for ESRI shapefile format.
    ClassInternal used. Represents the tile item for one tile image.
    ClassInternal used. Represents a visible point in the VectorPlacemark.
    ClassProvides parsing capabilities for WellKnownBinary format.
    InterfaceRepresents the coordinate system used for the C1FlexMap.
    InterfaceRepresents the attribute data.
    InterfaceRepresents the attribute field.
    InterfaceInternal used. Repsents the device used to rendering the C1FlexMap.
    InterfaceRepresents the projection used for C1FlexMap.
    InterfaceInternal used. Represents the style of the vector element.
    InterfaceRepresents the unit used by CartesianCoordinateSystem.
    InterfaceRepresents the tile source for the TileLayer.
    StructureThe LOD (Level Of Detail) structure associates element visibility with the map scale (zoom and size).
    EnumerationSpecifies the data type of the field.
    EnumerationSpecifies the type of the geometry according to OGC Simple Access specification.
    EnumerationSpecifies label position relatively to the corresponding element.
    EnumerationSpecifies label visibility.
    EnumerationSpecifies the kind of marker of the legend item.
    EnumerationSpecifies the arrangement of legend items within the legend.
    EnumerationSpecifies the shape of the placemark marker.
    EnumerationIndicates the byte order of the WKB byte array data.
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